SBI Markets

SBI Markets is an Australian-headquartered financial technology company.

SBI Markets advises governments and corporates on market entry, establishing joint venture partnerships, deal execution, financial technology development and market integration.

We have a particular focus on resource resilience and energy efficiency as the world transitions to a low carbon economy.

SBI Markets is a regular contributor on energy market analysis and trends in the independent global media.

We always view our clients as strategic partners and believe this is the basis for long-term success and sustainability.

Services and Capabilities


SBI Markets advises both Government and private clients on strategic market development, market entry, establishment of joint venture partnerships, minimising political risk through transparency, deal financing and facilitation.

We undertake bespoke research on markets and asset classes on behalf of our clients.

SBI Markets undertakes risk analysis and execution strategies for companies entering new markets, or for government and related entities establishing new trade routes into existing markets.

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SBI Markets, along with its strategic partners, is active in trade facilitation and execution in the hydrocarbons markets.

We have been awarded allocations of various oil and gas products for export, particularly into the south-east Asian markets.

We undertake a stringent ‘know your customer’ process of potential buyers to assess their creditworthiness and ability to accept allocations; our principal aim being to increase energy security and efficiency of delivery.

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Financial Technology Market Development

Open Investment

At SBI Markets we understand that the future of sustainable trade and investment will be through the use of peer-to-peer, transparent and accessible market platforms, so we like to connect the consumer and producer directly; we call this ‘Open Investment’.

SBI Markets develops Open Investment market platforms across a number of asset classes.

Renewable Energy

SBI Markets is a leading developer in the renewable energy market space. With our partners, we are designing and delivering the next generation of power markets, which will set new standards in social responsibility and sustainable living.

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SBI Markets Open Investment platforms mean that we can turn our significant tool box to a number of scenarios to solve problems in pricing of agriculture products, such as milk, meat, wheat and other consumables.

We provide a whole of market approach to industry, trade and investment products in agriculture so that primary producers can access capital to service domestic and foreign markets within an optimal cost structure.

Our prototype Milk pricing dairy product, ‘Udder One’, is one such example.

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Open Energy

SBI Markets develops market platforms in the hydrocarbons space, which provide increased energy efficiency, lower transaction costs and increased transparency.

We and our partners have relationships and development experience in a number of global commodity exchanges.

As the world transitions to a low carbon economy, there are huge energy savings to be made in the hydrocarbon complex, through extraction, transport and pricing and SBI Markets finds and delivers these savings to the producer and the consumer together.

Contact Us

Sam Barden is the founder and CEO of SBI Markets.

Sam has worked in global financial and commodity markets for the last 20 years, with a particular focus on emerging and frontier markets including Russia, the Middle East and South East Asia. He is currently based in Australia.

Sam has extensive relationships globally, across industry, financial markets, government and trade, enabling him to turn his or his clients big ideas into dynamic, commercial, sustainable market places.

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